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Our Solution

Our latest solution is the WT-X1 series Student Automated Tracking & Attendance System


The WT-X1 uses Radio Frequency Readers to read Student's RF Chip ID Cards as students pass in & out of the school gates.

Super Fast & Contactless

The WT-X1 is super fast and scans the card worn by the student as the student walks through the gates. No Waiting. No Swiping. Contactless

Cloud Based

The WT-X1 is directly connected to the Cloud and allows access & reports to be generated from anywhere in the world.

The moment a student passes through the WT-X1 an SMS is sent instantly to the parent indicating that the student has entered / left the school premises.

The whole process is fully automated and no human intervention is requred.
The WT-X1 is backed by easy to use software. Staff can be trained to use the software within a few hours.

The School has access to the School Dashboard for overview of the students attendance for any Day / Month. Also detailed reports of the attendance of the students are available at your fingertips.
The WT-X1 is designed with ease of setup and reliability in mind.

The WT-X1 can be deployed in schools in a matter of hours. The WT-X1 only requires a power connection and no other LAN or other cabling in required for installation.

The WT-X1 uses higly reliable components for 99.99% uptime

WT-X1 Features

Student Automated Tracking & Attendance System

  • Built-in Computer, Internet & SMS Gateway
  • Only Power Source required. No other wiring to be done
  • Buttonless design. Cannot be tampered with.
  • Walk through technology. No Waiting. No Swiping. Contactless
  • Cloud based technology. No data loss on damage of device
  • Access to reports from anywhere in the world
  • Realtime Daily & Monthly Attendance Reports
  • Quick setup & installation
  • Robust build quality & 99.99% uptime
  • Device monitoring from Login Panel
  • Dashboard for overview
  • Very low Power consumption

Pricing Plans

Our Pricing includes

WT-X1 RF readers as per number of students in the school
24/7 Unlimited access to Online console for reports and monitoring
RF chip ID cards for each student (without printing). Replacement costs extra.
Daily SMS to parents
Training to staff for both Hardware & Software
Onsite maintenance, repairs and replacement of WT-X1 units as required.

Requirements from schools

Uninterrupted Power source for WT-X1
Internet connection in Office to access Online console.
Data of school students at the time of installation.
Physical safety of the devices.


What makes us UNIQUE?

Unique Features not available with other solution providers

All in one devices

Computer, RF Scanner, Internet All built into one device

No Extra Wiring

Only power required. Completely wireless

Energy Efficient

Extremely low power consumption. Save money on energy

Fast & Contactless

WT-X1 is Extremely Fast. No Waiting. No Swiping. No Contact required

Cloud based

All Data is stored in the cloud. No data loss due to theft or damage of devices

Global Access

Access to all information & reports from anywhere in the world


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